It is worth experiencing a unique adventure during a winter holiday in Zakopane, a sleigh ride in the Chocholowska Valley. It is a highlander, traditional sleigh ride on a 4-person sleigh. Close to the Tatra nature, away from the city noise and cars.

A fantastic idea for a unique summer evening spent with your loved ones close to the Tatra nature! We invite you for a 1-hour ride in highland 4-person horse-drawn carriages around the Chocholowska Valley, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the Tatras Mountains!

Sleigh rides in Zakopane – an attraction that cannot be missed!

Zakopane has many attractions to offer. It is challenging to choose one that is “the best”. But if you plan to relax in this city, it is definitely worth taking part in a sleigh ride. Just imagine riding through magical corners, admiring peaks, forests, or snow-covered valleys. It gives a lot of joy, allows you to cut yourself off from all everyday worries, and catch good energy.

The changing scenery is soothing. The possibility of discovering the mountains from the perspective of a sleigh will appeal to children and adults. This kind of rides is also organized in the summer, which is worth remembering. Then we ride in a carriage and in the company of the sun we get to know the nature of the Tatra Mountains. After both winter and summer sleigh rides, a bonfire awaits us, feasts with highlanders, where we taste delicious dishes and have a great time! Sounds great ?!