2 October 2020|
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Winter is bleak and boring – that’s what many people think. However, there are regions in our country where this season is incredibly charming and exciting. The Podhale region is one of them for sure. Everyone who visited it knows that the landscapes that await there can make a huge impression and be remembered for a very long time. Apart from skiing on snow slopes in winter, it is worth to spend time on attractions that both children and adults will like. We are talking about offers of a different kind – highlander sleigh rides in Zakopane.

A sleigh riding through the most beautiful terrains covered with snow-white is a lot of joy and fun. We sit in a sled while covered with a warm blanket, admire our surroundings, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the atmosphere. We can share these moments with people who accompany us – it sounds interesting, right?

We specifically recommend a night sleigh ride. When darkness falls, it gets mysterious, and the entire surroundings are even more enchanting. A sleigh ride in the light of the torch is a great experience. The views that appear to your eyes are impressive. An additional attraction is a bonfire where you can try local delicacies, sing, and dance to a highlander band’s rhythms.

Sleigh rides Zakopane – which one to choose?

Highlanders know very well that tourists have their own requirements, so they try their best, and we assure you – they know how to plan a good attraction. A sleigh ride and a feast can not be an unpleasant experience. When looking for the right option for you and your travel companions, it’s best to check the various offers on the web. There are quite a few of them, but it is worth browsing them, getting to know all the details, and comparing prices. You can visit online forums devoted to tourism, read opinions about specific companies. This can be very helpful.

Zakopane and its surroundings offer a lot of entertainment at any time of the year. Being here in winter, you will find that this time of year is extraordinary. It guarantees a lot of joy and smiles. Even if you do not like it, you will quickly change their minds when they feel the specific atmosphere. Discover magical corners covered with snow as you ride a sleigh and go on a party with highlanders. When planning a rest in the mountains, you cannot ignore the real sleight ride and highlander feast.

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