2 October 2020|
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Winter has a lot of enemies. In their eyes, it is gray, gloomy, and dull. However, we believe that it is worth giving this time of year a chance and still try to like it. After all, this is the perfect time to visit our Polish mountains, to take advantage of the attractions they offer and get to know their real charm. The Tatra Mountains in the winter setting look really interesting! For sure, everyone will find something here that will attract their attention and make the stay enjoyable. You can go skiing, ice skating, or walking and admiring the views. There is also an attraction that should not be missed – the sleigh ride in Zakopane.

Magic and a unique atmosphere

Riding a sleigh through unique mountain terrain is a lot of fun for both the youngest and adult tourists. Just imagine – the neighing of horses, the trees disappearing as you fly on a sled, the view of the majestic peaks covered with white canopy, meadows, and forests. It’s impossible not to have a big smile on your face during the ride.

Sleigh rides in the mountains are fabulous because of a specific atmosphere. We can safely say that they rank very high on the list of winter attractions. They allow you to relax, enjoy your time, and appreciate the beauty of nature. The night sleigh rides are very popular. Many people believe that it is then that the mountains are more mysterious, and the views have something unique to them. A sleigh ride under the navy blue sky and by the light of a torch is an exciting experience. Often, in the end, there is a bonfire with delicious, sizzling sausages, local dishes, and, of course, mulled wine. But that’s not all – you can also have fun in the rhythms of a highlander band. Sleigh rides during the day in Zakopane – this sort of offer also attracts many people. Observing the surroundings from the perspective of a sleigh on a frosty, sunny day is an incredible entertainment.

It is worth visiting the Tatra Mountains in winter and seeing them in this fantastic scenery. There will be plenty of attractions, and being outdoors will have a positive effect on you. If anyone has doubts such as: “I do not like winter, will I even like this offer,” type in Google the term – “sleigh ride Zakopane movie” and you may change your mind. We are definitely not exaggerating when encouraging to go on sleigh rides.

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